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Posted by Viveka von Rosen on April 3, 2014 2:27 pm

LinkedIn Resources For Small Business: Personal Branding, Marketing, Sales And Hiring

According to LinkedIn, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are considered engines for economic growth, and with good reason. They contribute $5.5 trillion in annual revenue in North America, according to Dun & Bradstreet. They’re usually eager to grow their companies, and are always looking for new ways to raise the profile of their brands and rev up their marketing efforts.  With 4 in 5 SMBs currently using it, social media use spans over 1 million SMBs in North America,

impacting more than $4.5 trillion in revenue. Another 9% of SMBs intend to use social media in the near future, further expanding the share of revenue social media can impact.

Since social media plays such a critical role in these growth and marketing efforts, (according to the new LinkedIn survey of financial decision makers at SMBs in the U.S. and Canada.) LinkedIn is paying much more attention to supporting itsSMBs through social media. According to LinkedIn’s white paper “Priming the Economic Engine,” sixty-one percent (61%) of SMBs finding social media useful in gaining new customers and 49% of SMBs use social media to learn, either from their own peers, experts, or partners.

LinkedIn wants to help small businesses succeed using social. That's why they've developed the new Small Business Resource Center, with tons of tips and best practices to help small businesses make the most of LinkedIn. 

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Small Business Microsite: 

Personal Branding Checklist: 

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Small Business Marketing Tips and Insights:

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Tips for Perfecting your Profile:

Tips for Networking:

Tips to Establish Thought Leadership:

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LinkedIn's Small Business Playbook:

Tips on Building your Company Page:

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